Form new sticks of excess Knot Filler

When you use Knot Filler it is sometimes neccessary to change color, which means you need to empty the chamber on the gun for Knot Filler.

In order to minimize waste we have introduced the Knot Filler Saver that makes it possible to build new Knot Filler sticks of excess Knot Filler that otherwise would go to waste.

The Knot Filler Saver is a tool that allows you to make new sticks, which you can save for use later. Make sure to seal the new sticks tighly in a bag, so they are not exposed to air.


  1. Use the heating gun to slowly fill the Knot Filler Saver with Knot Filler
  2. Fill up the Knot FIller saver with Knot Filler so you can see a small layer on the top. The Knot Filler will slowly sink while drying.
  3. The drying time is approximately 20 minutes, depending on the number of Sticks you make.
  4. When the new sticks are dry and finish, it is important to quickly save them in air-sealed bags

Tip! Make sure to place the Knot Filler Saver on aluminum or use masking tape on the bottom, so the Knot Filler does not stick to the foundation/table.

Measures: 4 x 5,5 cm