Wood Repair Pro Kit

This complete Wood Repair Starter Set is a professional start kit for wood repairs with Knot Filler. The starter set is a complete set with all necessary tools that are needed to get started. It contains all you need in order to make perfect repairs in wood and formwork. The Wood Repair Pro Kit is highly professional set that is suitable for industrial use!
The Wood Repair Pro Kit contains: 
●  1x Aluminium case
●  1x BCD360 Knot Filler gun
●  1x Knot Filler bag in the colour ‘Walnut’ (big bag with 9x 30cm sticks)
●  1x BCD cooling tool with handle 80x180mm
●  1x BCD cutting tool 50mm
●  1x Masking tape

Wood Repair Kit

We have developed a small but very competitive repair kit for the wood industry. The kit comes in a small and handy suitcase, which will not take up much space in the production or in the car. This makes the kit very suitable for service people in the window- or floor industry. Furthermore it is very interesting for smaller companies who need to make small repairs very quickly.

The Wood Repair Kit contains: 
●  1x BCD180 Knot Filler gun
●  1x Compact bag Mix 1
●  Instruction material

Note! We also carry cooling irons and cutting tools in our product line! Find all our tools and accessories here.

How does it work?

1. Heat up the Knot Filler gun (approx. 4 min.)
2. Put a Knot Filler stick into the Knot Filler gun
3. “Shoot” the Knot filler into the damage/knot
4. Cool down the repair with a cooling iron/a piece of metal
5. Cut off surplus filler with a chisel or a cutting tool
6. Sand the repair with sanding paper
7. Ready for after treatment (laquer, oil, stain, paint etc.)

1. Never lay the Knot Filler gun on the side (see MSDS)
2. Never pull out the stick of the Knot Filler gun (see MSDS)
3. Close the alu bag tightly after use! (see MSDS)

Compact bags colours (guiding)